The Woodlands welcomes Robert Sands!  Robert can be found on his patio every morning enjoying the sun, plants and birds.  He is an outdoor enthusiast who loves skiing, sailing, hiking and basically anything that finds him outdoors.  Robert reports that he loves living at The Woodlands because he finds it very laid back and a very easy existence.  His day to day stress is no longer and the hardest thing he reports doing here is putting on socks for dinner.  He finds our residents very friendly and easy going and loves the amazing dinners in the dining room.  He loves living in the upper valley because as he says, there is so much to do, “It’s not what shall I do, but which shall I do”.

Robert was born and raised in Lexington, Massachusetts.  He then attended Dartmouth College and then the Tuck School of Business, where he kept very busy joining the ROTC and playing lacrosse.  He then joined the army, spending time in Berlin as a junior officer.  He then joined the family business, King Arthur Flour and then worked in the development department at Dartmouth College.  He worked for Bethlehem Steel in Pennsylvania and eventually moved to DC, where he worked with the Office of Minority Business Enterprise and then the Federal Energy Office, working with the Canadian government.

We are delighted that Robert has joined our community.  He welcomes anyone at any time to come enjoy the sun on his patio in the courtyard together.