The hallmark of the activities at both Harvest Hill and The Woodlands is the interaction between staff and residents. At Harvest Hill there is a full-time Activities Coordinator who meets with the residents to plan events and at The Woodlands the residents direct and plan their activities via 8-10 resident committees (or teams).

Regardless of how the activities are organized and planned, the focus is always on what the interests of the residents. Culture, history and a deep sense of curiosity drives the agenda. Trips to the opera, theatre productions at The Hop (at Dartmouth College) or perhaps a drive to Saint-Gaudens national Historic site in Cornish, NH all show up on the monthly calendars.

The other advantage of being on the APD Memorial Hospital campus is the opportunity to attend lectures on health issues, or the latest medical break-through.

In summary, residents of both communities and the staff insure that there is a diversity of programs to meet everyone needs.

There is always something happening at Harvest Hill and The Woodlands.