August 18, 2020

Thank you to all residents, families and staff for following the safety measures to help protect our communities from COVID-19. While Harvest Hill and The Woodlands continue with many of the protections initiated in March, we have instituted two changes.

Visitation Changes:

  • Harvest Hill and The Woodlands are now allowing family members to visit, as long as the meeting takes place outside and participants stay six feet apart.
    • At Harvest Hill, family may visit for up to 30 minutes. Visits must be scheduled and are monitored by staff.
    • The Woodlands is allowing family, friends and vendors to visit, as long as the visit is outside. There are no restrictions on the number of people who conduct an outside visit. No screening is necessary, and visitors may stay for as long as they would like.
  • Both communities are also launching a Designated Visitor program for indoor visits.
    • At both The Woodlands and Harvest Hill, each individual resident or resident couple may name one, single person as their Designated Visitor.
    • The Designated Visitor may visit anytime, going directly to the resident’s apartment and staying for as long as they want.
    • Designated Visitors must first sign an agreement that they will avoid risky behavior that could expose them to the virus, only visit if feeling well, and stay masked and practice social distancing while visiting.
    • Residents may change their Designated Visitor as often as every three weeks.

Dining Changes:

  • Our dining rooms have now reopened with limited seating to encourage social distancing.
    • At Harvest Hill, we have opened the dining room up for lunch and dinner for a limited number of residents, but we are also still delivering meals to residents.
    • All Woodlands residents are welcome to eat in the dining room or come pick up take-out to eat at home. The Woodlands is only delivering meals to residents who are ill.

Please see our March 31 COVID-19 update for additional precautions that are still in place.
And again, we thank everyone for your support in keeping our communities safe and healthy.

March 21, 2020

APD Lifecare’s top priority is the health and well-being of our residents and staff. Given the additional challenges that COVID-19 presents to people aged 65 and older, we implemented significant precautions and preparations including:

  • Closing Harvest Hill and The Woodlands to visitors
  • Closing our Dining Rooms, and delivering 500 meals/day to our residents’ apartments
  • Making groceries, including toilet paper, available through Food Services
  • Fortifying an already rigorous sanitation program, especially in high-touch public areas
  • Cancelling all large-group activities and gatherings, but providing for many other ways to avoid social isolation
  • Screening all staff every time they come to work
  • Preparing for the care of any residents who may develop COVID-19
  • Sending regular email updates to residents, staff and families
  • Working closely with Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital. You can find additional FAQs here.

While none of this is easy for anyone, we know we are on the right path when we hear in the words of one resident: “I feel we are in what is probably the safest place with the most help in New Hampshire

Cindy Jerome
Executive Director, APD Lifecare