Corporate Relationships

What is APD Lifecare?

APD Lifecare Center, Inc. is the 501(C) 3 charitable, tax-exempt owner of Harvest Hill and The Woodlands, which is governed by a 15 person volunteer board of trustees.

Is Lifecare affiliated with the Hospital?

Harvest Hill was built in 1996 and The Woodlands was built in 2010.  Both facilities are part of the APD  Lifecare Center, Inc.  The parent of APD Lifecare is the Alice Peck Day Health System.  Prior to March 1, 2016, Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital was also under the same parent, Alice Peck Day Health Systems.  As such over the last 21 years, several synergies and shared resources were developed between the two organizations.  Those synergies remain to this day even though Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital (APDMH) is no longer under Alice Peck Day Health Systems (APDHS). The most significant lynch pin to the two organizations is the CEO position.  The Hospital CEO and the System CEO is the same person.

In 2016, Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital became an affiliate of Dartmouth Hitchcock Health.  This left Alice Peck Day Lifecare as the sole business unit under the Alice Peck Day Health System.  After conducting a thorough and exhaustive analysis of more than 12 months, the Lifecare Board and the System Board have instructed management to pursue APD Lifecare becoming a subsidiary of Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital.  Work continues to that end and is currently anticipated to complete this re-affiliation process prior to the end of the 2018 calendar year.

Are the facilities regulated or overseen by any state agencies?

The Woodlands is regulated by the New Hampshire Department of Insurance as a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). The occupancy fee that is paid to become a resident of The Woodlands falls under certain criteria as promulgated by the Department. Harvest Hill is licensed by the Department of Health and Human Services as an assisted living facility. Both facilities comply with all municipal regulations involving building codes and fire safety.