Not Ready to Move Yet? 

Become an Associate Member of APD Lifecare!

(for people 62 and older)

We would love to have you join our Associate Member program so you will be able to enjoy the many benefits of The Woodlands and Harvest Hill without having to move to the facility.  The program requires an annual membership fee of $500 for an individual or $750 for a couple and will opportunities for the following:

Harvest Hill:

  • Programmed activities
  • Movies
  • Lectures/Trips**
  • Six complimentary dinners in the main dining room per year
  • Library and many activity rooms

The Woodlands

  • Library
  • Pool, fitness center and dining room
  • Monthly activities
  • Six complimentary dinners in the main dining room
  • Lunch in the café (pay as you go)
  • Attendance at lectures and special trips **
  • Stay in our guest suite and try us out subject to availability (discounted)
  • Movies at HH and WDL (call ahead)

Programs, activities and cultural opportunities have been designed by and for the residents. They have expressed their support to welcome new folks in the building so that they may enjoy the amenities that they have come to appreciate as residents.

Call Tim Martin, Administrator at The Woodlands, for details. 603-448-7416. If you are on our waiting list there is a 50% discount ($250 for individual and $375 for a couple).

** Subject to availability, Woodlands and Harvest Hill residents get first priority on all programs

Operating Principles and Guidelines

The Associate Membership Program is conceived to allow people from outside the community to get a glimpse at and enjoy many of the benefits that the current residents of Harvest Hill and The Woodlands enjoy on a day-to-day basis.  At all times the resident’s needs will come first and with regard to attendance at meetings, use of the pool, attendance in glasses and on trips.

  1. Any member signing up will be required to sign the appropriate releases for the use of the pool and exercise equipment. To that end, the agreement is that the Woodland’s pool and fitness center will be used for the members.
  2. Members will need to “call in advance” should they wish to participate in any activity and their participation of same will be subject to availability.
  3. 24-hour notice for coming to dinner, lunch, and breakfast